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  • School Size


  • Cost of Attendance

    $25,000—$30,000 Year

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    City, Small/College town, Suburban, Rural

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    TOEFL: 46+

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Welcome to the American Education & Exchange Association!

We look forward to serving you and helping your students achieve their education goals.

What is AEEA?

The American Education & Exchange Association (AEEA) is an organization dedicated to the success of your student.  AEEA seeks to connect international students and their parents to selected private AEEA member high schools in the USA.  We provide the support your student and parents need to help the student succeed.  Our high schools can help your students prepare for college. Most of our students are on F-1 visas and are preparing to enter quality colleges and universities.  Not only do we help students through high school, we can also help with university and/or college placement.  Your student’s academic success and cultural adjustment is our ultimate goal. 

Care and Monitoring

With some schools and networks, you send your students there and hope for the best with no guarantee. That is not the case with AEEA. Each student has an AEEA assigned liaison. They will meet regularly and review the student's progress at school and in their homestay. AEEA personnel will help arrange for tutoring for class work, clarify information with school counselors, and get answers to questions like "Can I take classes at the Community College while I am enrolled in High School?" or "When can I play sports?"  In addition, regular reports are sent to parents and agents. With this information, parents and agents can offer encouragement and guidance to their children. The facing page details how this process works.

Quality Schools that fit the Student

Not all students and families are alike. Some families want a day school some prefer a boarding school. Some students want a challenging educational environment. Some may need more support. We have schools in our network that can fit almost any student’s needs. Schools are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Quality: These are high-quality schools. Each one has been handpicked for their education aptitude.
  • Value: All these schools offer good value for the education they provide.
  • Variety: These schools offer programs suitable for a wide range of students with their variety of offerings and characteristics.


We work with schools to set diversity goals so that the school is not overwhelmed by any one group of international students. A variety of viewpoints in the classroom creates a rich educational environment. This is our goal.

We understand that sending a student abroad for school is a big decision. We understand that students need care, and parents need information. The fine schools in our network and our AEEA staff provide both, along with much more.


We select schools that are safe and set policies that keep students as safe as possible.

School Information

We currently work with 10 private high schools located in Oregon, Idaho, and Montana:

  • The Ambrose School in Meridian, Idaho
  • Lighthouse Christian School in Twin Falls, Idaho
  • Watersprings School in Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Manhattan Christian School in Manhattan, Montana
  • East Linn Christian Academy in Lebanon, Oregon
  • Valley Catholic School in Portland, Oregon
  • Blanchet Catholic School in Salem, Oregon
  • Western Mennonite School in Salem, Oregon
  • Willamette Valley Christian School in Brooks, Oregon
  • Regis High School in Stayton, Oregon

Let AEEA find the high school that is right for you!

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