Top 5 Reasons to take a Gap Year at Green River College

Green River College offers an exciting and unique Gap Year program for students who are done with high school, but not ready to commit to a major or university.  Students can come to the USA and live the American college life for 3, 6 or 9 months at Green River College. 

Why should you take a Gap Year at Green River College? Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. Do something different. Green River College offers a very unique  Gap Year experience
  2. Take classes that you enjoy.  Green River offers 100s of classes to choose from
  3. Make new friends – Green River College has 8,000 students including over 1,600 international students from 63 different countries.
  4. Realize your interests before you start university – students can take classes in art, science, social science, aviation, engineering and more.
  5. Have fun!  Green River offers a vibrant Student Life and Intramural Sports program

Can’t decide on where to take your Gap Year?  That’s not a problem.  Combine a quarter at Green River in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with California, Hawaii or Australia and New Zealand. Green River offers four academic adventures to choose from:

  1. Green River College Traditional – Spend 9 months at Green River College in Auburn, Washington USA. Auburn is 45 minutes south of Seattle. Take classes that interest you and enjoy the student life.
  2. Green River to California - Spend the first quarter at Green River College (September - December) and then 1 semester (January - May) at Santa Barbara City College.
  3. Green River to Hawaii - Spend the first quarter at Green River College (September - December) and then 1 semester (January - May) at Kapi'olani Community College in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  4. Green River to Australia / New Zealand - Spend the first quarter at Green River College (September - December) and then 10 weeks in Australia and New Zealand (January - March) and then return to Green River for the third and final quarter.

We understand that not all students can afford to come to Green River College for a full year, so we also offer the Green River College Traditional program for one or two quarters .

When we asked students what makes Green River College’s Gap Year different from other Gap Year programs,, Milou Tromp from the Netherlands responded, “Green River College really feels like a community and people always want to help. It helped me when I first got here to know that Green River was a smaller college that really cares about its students.

“Also, Green River offers much more than just classes. Most Gap year students want to go somewhere where there is a lot to do. Green River offers many activities like hiking, trips to Portland, and trips to sporting events, musicals, concerts, volunteer activities, clubs, sports, and more.”

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Lansing Bryan is the Web and Social Media Specialist for Green River College International Programs. She is also the Green River College Regional Contact for parts of Europe.


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